Since starting Godspeed Horse Hostel we find ourselves in need of many things. If you do not have the means to donate money, below is a list of some other very important things we could use. Any specialized service you can offer, your time or talent, is also a great help.
  • Portable fencing, electric fence (electrobraid), pigtail posts by Zareba or Gallager, line posts
  • Framing wood and roof materials- 2x4, 2x6, plywood, shingles, nails 
  • Outdoor hay racks
  • Tractor Mule or snow plow
  • Joint Supplement, Probiotic Supplement, Horse Chiropractor
  • Farm related gift certificates i.e. Tractor Supply
  • scrap metal, junck cars or any used equipment of any kind
  • Drone
All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductable!

Godspeed Horse Hostel, Inc.
PO Box 146 
Amenia, NY  12501