Sponsor a Horse:  Sponsoring one of our rescues can be great fun for you or a wonderful gift for someone you care about.   

Foal Sponsorship: If you're not in a position to raise a foal consider being a sponsor. Foal sponsors should know that with a $100 donation you can support one foal for a month.  Consider co-sponsoring with a friend or group.  Always remember that any donation, whatever the size, is greatly appreciated.

Sponsor a Resident: Not all horses that are rescued can be adopted out. Please consider becoming a sponsor for a horse who will have to remain at Godspeed Horse Hostel permanently.

Corporate Sponsorship: A donation of $1,500 or more will help purchase and transport a foal that is in danger of slaughter. Godspeed Horse Hostel  will provide medical care and boarding for the foal until adoption. The foal will be named after the sponsor.



Godspeed Horse Hostel, Inc.
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