Spring 2018
The hay bank program distributed 765 bales of hay in 2015 and 985 bales of hay in 2016 to other rescues, programs that service children and the disabled, and responsible horse or farm animal owners who were having temporary difficulty. The hay bank is for all hooved animals. There is an application and site visit required for hay support.
The Euthanasia Support Program helped 3 horses last fall and winter. We gave them a loving home with the time they had left. Plenty of food, horse friends, room to roam and time to be horses again. Most importantly,  they were able to know kindness again. We say goodbye to Simon, Danny and Sinder and feel blessed to know them, care for them and send them off  respectfully, like all horses deserve.
Farm Help Wanted, Housing Available
Internships Available, Housing available 
 Call 845-242-2069 
Godspeed Horse Hostel has been helping Tomorrow Tomorrow Sanctuary in Hudson, New York. Here are some of the improvements we facilitated.

New roof on barn  
New Shelter

 Gravel for Arena 

Shipping container for storage 
New barn doors  



Recommended reading:
The Current Status of Rescue by Dr. Jennifer Williams:
We no longer do the e-newsletters but here is a "Blast from the Past" to see how far we have come in 12 years. Hope you enjoy them!!


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