From the Director
Spring 2018
Something interesting "found me". The Dutchess County Animal Response Team asked me to be on the steering committee to help this organization get established. It is in case of a disaster type situation, animals and the people who love them, can be evacuated with the help of the team and the infrastructure we have in place. We are grassroots at the moment, getting certified and making lists. You can join the team. Just call me at 845-242-2069 for more information.
Godspeed Horse Hostel is in its 15th year. Two years ago I knew we had to get ahead of this "rescue thing". But How? The answer that came to me was to start moving in the direction of being a Humane Society as well as a rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing animal welfare organization. There are a lot of new organizations coming along and I remember how hard it was to get started. Best way to help? Give them HAY!!.
Every year, I want to help as many horses as I can and I am always looking for ways to do this. The past few years there has been a lot of buzz about hay banks.This was the perfect idea/program to start in an area that is blessed with abundant hay and yet still has an unwanted horse problem. The concept has been around for years out west where the growing season is dry, yields low and the price of a bale of hay is ten times what we pay here in New England.  
With that said, the summer of 2015 I started a hay bank; one of three that I know of in the Northeast.
What is a hay bank? A hay bank is a safety net program run by a rescue or coalition for the welfare of other rescues, independently owned horses, and/or farm animals. It is for responsible operators and owners who are having a temporary financial hardship. Its mission is to keep rescues running and animals in their homes and out "said"  rescues and auctions. There is an application and site visit involved.
In 2015 we distributed 765 bales of hay and in 2016, 985, respectfully. We are on our way but need your help. Especially in the way of hay storage and hay donations.We lost some hay field acerage this year so if you know of any hay fieds in our vicinity, barns for hay storage or people who could donate hay to the bank; all are tax deductible.
Anyone who has hay they want to donate or "deposit " to the hay bank will receive a tax deduction and a lifetime of good karma for helping animals in need.  You can fundraise or solicit hay deposits. So if you are reading this today and can help in any way, please call soon. There is much animal welfare work to be done.
Our other signature program is the Euthanasia Support Program. We seek out horses who are in dire straits, either emotionally or physically, or both. Horses that have been abused or neglected, or both. We give them a loving home for however long they have. They come from the auctions or by word of mouth. In 2016 we helped Danny, Sinder and Simon in this manner. They were not with us very long, but we were privileged to send them on their way knowing kindness, plenty to eat and pastures to roam with a herd of horse friends.
Thanks everyone. You know who you are. And thanks to the people yet to come. This is hard, rewarding work. Try it. You won't be sorry.
Thanks All, Mia
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