Maria Genovesi opened Godspeed Horse Hostel in July 2004 to rescue Premarin  horses from PMU farms in Canada. Since then the rescue has evolved into rescuing and/or re-homing any unwanted horse or farm animal, has programming for the disabled, and a hay bank for other rescues, programs that service children and the disabled, and all hooved animals.  

What is PMU?  It stands for pregnant mare urine and it is the source for Premarin®, a hormone replacement drug prescribed for menopausal women around the world.  There are approximately 73 PMU farms operating in Canada today.  This industry has been around for more than 50 years, employing 7,000 mares to reproduce.  The result is the birth of thousands of unwanted foals each year.  If these foals don't get adopted or purchased by the private market they are often sent to feedlots until they are two years old; after which they are old enough to be sold to slaughter. 

Oddly enough, many of the foals are CanAm (Canadian/American) sport horses which primarily consist of one or more of the following bloodlines: thoroughbred, draft, or warm-blood.  They can even be eligible to be registered with the Performance Horse Registry through NAERIC. "Many of the PMU foals have outstanding pedigrees and are incredible prospects for professionals and amateurs alike. We don't cherry pick though. We take any PMU foals that need homes, its just sometimes we get some pedigreed ones."

As for rescues in the tri-state area, if you know of a horse in need or if you have a horse that needs a new home, please contact Godspeed Horse HostelGodspeed Horse Hostel also facilitates rescues through Genovesi's extensive equine network and a Subsidized Boarding and Re-Homing Program that the rescue offers at the farm. 

Another program we have at the farm is for the developmentally disabled. Here they participate in farm chores and horsemanship.  Certain years we also offer another job site for those whose skill level does not allow them to work at the farm but they still want to help the horses. They can manufacture our horse treats. The treats are sold internationally and the proceeds benefit the horses.
The hay bank program is hay support for other rescues, programs that service children or the disabled, and responsible horse or farm animal owners who are having a temporary financial hardship. Interview, site visit and application required. 
The Euthanasia Support program seeks out disabled equines from auction or other bad situations and gives them a loving peaceful transition when it is their time. We helped three horses in this manner in 2016. 
We have internship openings for Equine School students for the summer that includes housing. Also offered are community service hours for those who need them.
If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns about horse rescue, please feel free to contact Godspeed Horse Hostel.  We welcome your input. 

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Maria Genovesi
Godspeed Horse Hostel
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Maria Genovesi
Amenia, NY
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Frank Weller
Equine Angels Resuce Sanctuary
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David Coats
Mt. Kisco, NY 

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